Fortuny Restaurant Club – A Complete Place!

Fortuny Restaurant Club is a unique multifunctional space in Madrid where you can have fun from a lunch or dinner at the restaurant, a cocktail in the afternoon, enjoy a new sushi, champagne and caviar concept, have a drink on the terrace or enjoy the enchanting music in Fortuny Restaurant Club. It is simply a place about which h you can ‘Name It and Have It’.

At night Fortuny Restaurant and Club becomes one of the best nightclubs in the city. It is characterized by its good atmosphere and music, combining the most modern house with commercial success of the time covering all the requirements and tastes of the guests. Its decor is a reminiscent of some of the finest clubs in USA and UK. Another of its major characteristics, backed by the public, is its proper treatment and professionalism of the every member of the staff at service.

Fortuny Restaurant Club is a place which you can find open all through the year. During the summer months, it is a perfect spot to host an event outdoors or enjoy a meal in the restaurant space. I the months of winter, thanks to the heating system installed, you can enjoy the best parties and it also allows to accommodate the guests who come to smoke.

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